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Precision Eforming, LLC.

Increased Google keyword results from 165 to 314 ranking keywords with numerous moving onto 1st page results


Precision Eforming, LLC. was looking for ways to increase their site traffic and ranking in Google. They needed to update their website techniques to become better recognized by search engines. Precision Eforming didn’t want to miss out on potential sales just becasue they weren’t ranking well. They have quality products and services, but no one knew they existed. They needed an SEO boost to reach their customer market and stay competive in their industry. 


Precision Eforming worked directly with their IMC to update their web pages with strong keywords, making them crawlable by all search engine’s and ranking them higher in the results pages. Cazbah optimized Precision Eforming’s webpages to be found under 300+ common searcher keywords, consistantly bringing their pages to page one in Google’s results. Cazbah’s internet marketing solution mixes strong content marketing practices with appealing graphic design techniques to ensure high rankings and therefor, high engagment and conversion rates. 


In the last 12 months:


Set traffic goal by the end of 2017


Increase Website traffic in 2017