Market Focused Web Development

Cazbah learns about your company, your customers, and your marketing objectives. We are experts at listening to your vision and transforming it into a brand-new fully functioning website that will make your small business proud.

Your web development is broken down into two sections: website design and website development.

When it’s time to build your new small business website, the Cazbah Production team gets to work! They will design, develop and launch your new small business website utilizing Cazbah’s professional CMS. Your small business website needs to draw your audience in, give them all the information they’d ever want, and inspire them to action. Then it’s time for your personalized IMC (Internet Marketing Consultant) to step in, listen to your vision and work with you to develop a successful marketing plan for the web. The end result is a modern, lead generating website that’s easy to manage and update!

Your IMC will learn about your company, including; how your business operates, current marketing methods, products and services offered, your unique value proposition, target customers and any other information that will be helpful in distinguishing you from your competition on the Internet.

An essential part of market focused web development at Cazbah is implementing the “5Cs.” They are: Content, Community, Communications, Commerce and Customer Success. These 5 categories are the pillars of a successful small business, especially now post COVID-19. When you get back to the basics, business is about people and in particular, your customers. Developing your website around the 5Cs helps bring that focus back to what’s really important in business. You could have the best website in the world, but if it’s not developed to attract your ideal customers, your small business will fail.