Despite the overwhelming influence digital marketing has on today’s society, traditional marketing is still highly relevant in business. Personalized marketing goods are particularly effective in conferences, networking events, meetings and general day-to-day business.


But how do you make sure that your personalized marketing material is on-point and as effective as it could be?



Consistency Is Key


Creating a memorable brand is all about consistency. From your letterheads and envelopes to your mugs, pens or mouse pads, keep your company logo and branding simple and consistent across all of your stationery.


In today’s digital age, you will also most likely have a website and various digital marketing strategies. Try and keep your logo and branding the same across your digital assets as well as your physical ones. For example, keep the logo that appears on your website and at the bottom of your email signatures, the same as the one on your letterhead.


similar business logo and products


Consistency when it comes to the materials and ink used is also important. Get all your business essentials printing done at the same place to ensure consistency across all your products. Using the same company to do all of your branding will not only ensure a consistency in materials and standards, but it will probably work out cheaper for you too as you can negotiate a lower rate for large quantities of work.


Keeping the same visual branding across all of your assets will make your brand more memorable and create a synergy between your physical and digital presence. It will also make you look credible, professional, organized and reliable.



Get Creative


Pens, mugs and letterheads are all fantastic ways to display your personal branding, but don’t be afraid to also think outside the box. Think about the items your clients or potential customers use and need on a daily basis and consider personalizing these with your company logo.


For example, if your business manufactures materials or equipment for construction companies, how about some water bottles or hard hats with your company’s branding on them? These are both items that will be used daily on site and by having your logo on them, you will not only remind the users of your existence on a regular basis, but you will also get some free advertising.


By providing your customers or clients with something that they use every day, you are also establishing yourself in their mind as someone useful, considerate and effective. This goes a long way toward ensuring customer loyalty and future business opportunities.


There are many other different ways you can utilize personalized marketing materials. From stress balls to phone covers, put yourself ahead of the competition by thinking outside the box and providing something useful or unique.



Business Cards Are Always in Style


While digital marketing and getting creative with personalized marketing materials are important, the more traditional methods are still important too.


Business cards are a simple, yet effective way of providing new and existing customers with your up to date contact information. Because they are small and easy to carry in your wallet or pocket, they are fantastic for networking events like conferences and expos. They’re also handy for instances when you meet a potential client unexpectedly.


Keep your business card simple and consistent with your company’s branding. Make sure all the vital contact information is on there, and use the same logo and font as your other marketing materials.


However, don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Make yourself memorable with a catchy, inspiring or humorous tagline under your name if you have space. A business card is usually your follow-up after making a first impression so make sure you make the most of it by adding something a little extra to make your card more memorable than all the others.



Save The Planet


Environmental sustainability is a huge focus worldwide at the moment. Elevate your brand by establishing yourself as the kind of business who cares about your impact on the environment. For example, use recycled paper for all of your envelopes and letters, and don’t be afraid to let people know that they are made from recycled paper. Put a disclaimer on your products about how it was made and encourage others to do the same. Highlighting your commitment to saving the environment will most likely draw attention to your business and have a positive impact on your reputation in general.


go green in your business office


There are many other ways you can embrace environmental sustainability while simultaneously promoting your business. How about giving out some reusable coffee cups with your logo and branding on them? Why not give yourself some free advertising by giving them to your own staff as well as existing and potential clients?


Operating sustainably can be as beneficial for your business as it is for the environment if executed creatively!



So, what have we learned?


In summary, the best way to utilize personalized marketing material is to keep your branding consistent. Don’t be afraid to get creative and also remember to embrace the basics like business cards and personalized letterheads. Digital marketing is indeed key to success in modern-day business but there is definitely still room for the more traditional approach. A combination of the two strategies will keep you in front of the right people and elevate your brand.


About the Author: Craig Evans is a writer for and founder of Curious Vision. Based in Sydney, Australia, Evans is passionate about finance and tech.