Technology. Process. People.  That’s Cazbah’s online digital marketing strategy to increase the revenues for our B2B and retail customers.  We know there is no magic keyword, no silver bullet logo, or secret widget to increasing revenue online. It comes down to setting attainable goals, implementing the right set of tools and backing it up with data-driven analytics to measure results.



Internet Marketing Consultants (IMCs)


Cazbah uses a replicatable, online digital marketing strategy to help your small business grow using the internet. As a small business ourselves, we know that each business is unique in their needs and strengths. Cazbah pairs each client with an Internet Marketing Consultant (IMC) who works with their clients on an individual level. When you work with your dedicated Cazbah Marketing Consultant, you are working with an experienced web marketing professional who is knowledgeable in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, online PR and social media, and all tools of successful online strategies. And that is our secret to rocking online results.



Cazbah’s Internet Marketing Solution


As I said up top, our online digital marketing strategy is all about technology, process, and people. To compete in your market, and even your local area, you need a comprehensive and responsive website that your target audience can interact with. If you want to be taken seriously by potential leads and competing businesses, you need to invest in modern technology. And, it needs to be constantly updated and optimized to ensure you’re getting the best results from it. You can’t create a website, cross your fingers, and hope that searchers find it.  There’s a fair amount of behind the scenes work that needs to be done to keep it up and running efficiently.


Just like your small business, you need to have a plan for your website as well. Your small business website is a powerful tool, so if you don’t create it yourself, you need to be able to trust in someone elses website and internet marketing process. At Cazbah, specialized in web design, SEO, internet marketing, etc. Our production team, working with your personal IMC, will work to design a functional website for your small business and create a tailored marketing plan. Cazbah’s internet marketing process includes what we call “the Five Cs”: content, community, communication, commerce, and customer success.


Cazbah has a Production and an IMC team here to help you optimize your website and create an effective marketing plan for your small business. We know that business is about people, and that means on all levels internally and externally. We want our clients to take an active role in how their small business is marketed. Cazbah works with you as a team to help your small business find success and growth online.


But don’t just take our word for it.  Let our customers tell you:


“From the first month that we were with Cazbah we have been making money on the web. Our sales have grown big time since then, at a rate of about 600% in less than a year. We’ve been with Cazbah for 8 months and what’s especially significant about our experience with them is that I got my return on investment in the 2nd month! That’s just crazy!”

Greg Nimmo, Owner

Corny Keg


“We depend on our website for nearly 100% of our account inquires. Cazbah web marketing support has provided us with on unbroken string of 12 months of increased online activity!”

Dan Bayha, VP/ CFO

Back Thru The Future


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