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Super Bowl 50 ranks as the second highest rated Super Bowl in football history, according to Nielsen ratings data. The game averaged a 49.0 rating, meaning that 49% of American homes with TV sets had the game turned on. I tuned in too, and watched much closer than ever before. I noticed a few key takeaways that I wanted to share with my small business clients.  

  • Spice Up Your Branding– For this Super Bowl, the NFL ditched their signature Roman numerals in favor of standard Arabic numerals for the first time. “The decision to drop the traditional Roman numerals was described by the NFL as a way to “elevate and celebrate the historic” 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl. Additionally, the Roman numeral for 50 is “L,” which would have made the logo: Super Bowl L. According to the NFL, Roman numerals will again be used for Super Bowl LI in 2017.” – CNN . Be consistent with your branding, but don’t be afraid to make small changes to keep things fresh. If you have a special event, or historic milestone to celebrate, try making a small change to your branding.
  • Lighten Up! – Super Bowl ads are known for their less serious tone. Many viewers tune in specifically for the commercials. Even as a serious company, it’s ok to lighten up and have a some fun from time to time. Try incorporating a little humor into your online content. The key is knowing when and where humor is appropriate. Social media can be a great place to lighten up.  Here is a link some of the best 2016 Super Bowl Commercials to help get you inspired.
  • Mistakes Matter – The Panthers offense was notably sloppy. It seemed every other play they were turning over the ball. Pay attention to your marketing channels. Monitor your analytics performance to know what channels to invest in. If a channel isn’t performing, bench it, reinvest in those that are.
  • Timing Is Key – It was obvious that Beyonce and her team developed a Content Calendar prior to Sunday’s game. Saturday Beyonce released a surprise single “Formation”, which she promoted via a stream of Instagram posts. If that wasn’t exciting enough, shortly after her killer half time performance ended, she announced a world tour with a brief ad. Fans went crazy, and her website crashed due to the high traffic volume. Now what can you learn from Queen B? As a small business, you might not have a time to produce content, but when you do, timing it’s release right can maximize your impact. Schedule content updates on the site and pair with an email blast, social media posts, AdWords or Remarketing Campaign at the same time to create a bigger splash.
  • Penalties Hurt–  At Super Bowl 50, we saw the Panthers receive 10 penalties for a total of 85 yards. Ouch. You could be getting penalized too, by search engines, that is. Revisit the best SEO practices for 2016 to see if there are any rules you’re breaking. First offense, not having a mobile-friendly website. Mobile is a huge ranking factor for 2016, so if your platform is not mobile-friendly, you’ll want to change that soon. Second offense, not verifying your business with Google. Be sure you have claimed your location with Google. Third, slow load times. Slow speeds can also slow down your rank. As the Panthers will tell you, penalties can add up fast.  Be sure you’re doing all you can to follow the rules.

I hope you enjoyed the post game highlights. Use these tips to help your small business tackle your next marketing challenge.

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