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Many think the more products you have to sell online, the more opportunity for making a profit with your online store. Most often, this is not the case. More products do not necessarily equal more sales for your online ecommerce site, especially if you’re not monitoring them and working to enhance them. Below are seven things you can do to help make your online ecommerce store a success.



7 Steps to Ensure Online Ecommerce Success



1. Make it Focused


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Sure, if you’re a distributor you may have the opportunity to sell tens of thousands of products, but the question is – does it make sense to try and sell all of those products? If you are selling commodities online, your products will be one in thousands. An important point to remember when thinking about your website is that you can’t be everything to everybody. Determine your focus. Select a reasonable number of products for your online ecommerce store that make sense for you business in terms of making a profit and stick with it.



2. Do Your Homework


How do you select which products to sell online? What you sell in your brick and mortar business may not work for online ecommerce selling.


The web is a very competitive space and it’s important to do your research before you decide what to sell. You’ll need to research whether you can compete on price and shipping with the same or similar products. If you can’t compete in these spaces, you’ll want to consider not selling that particular product or product group online.



3. Don’t Devalue Your Description


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The words you use to describe your product can make or break whether your products are actually found on the web. If you are a distributor, make sure you are not just using the manufacturer description. Make sure your product descriptions are unique. You may have some content that will be the same – for example specifications and dimensions – but make sure you have your own spin on it that will help to sell your product. Think about what you might tell a potential customer over the phone to sell your product and put that in your product description of your ecommerce product page.



4. Remember the Pictures


On the web, visuals are everything. Website visitors decide whether to stay on or leave your site in a matter of seconds. If there is no visual, the visitor may not take the time to read your content – so be sure to have an image or two!


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Even if you’re selling something as common as paper clips, visitors want to see what they might be buying from your online ecommerce site. If you can’t get a manufacturer’s photo, or if you are the manufacturer, take your own photos. Having some image is better than nothing and often times your web developer can help you with adjusting your images to make them look better.



5. Entice You Visitors by Differentiation


So maybe you do sell a commodity – ok, so how are you going to make that commodity different and unique? Consider making your product a package deal or offering some other incentive to make it stand out among the hundreds or thousands of others that might be the same or similar.



6. Use Your Analytics


Now you’ve got products up on your website and you’re getting some sales. Continue getting focused to increase sales by using your website analytics. Whether you use Google Analytics or another analytics program on a regular basis, take a look to see how much traffic your pages are getting, what product pages are converting to a sale, and what’s not working as well. Use this information to help refine what you’re selling, as well as the information you’re providing to your visitors.


For example, if you’re getting a lot of traffic to a specific product page, but it’s not selling, consider the following: how are you competing price wise and with shipping, are you providing enough of a description for visitors to understand what you’re selling, and do you have a visuals (see #5) so visitors understand exactly what they’re getting.Every seemingly small facet of product selling comes together to play a major role.



7. Consider Google Shopping Advertising


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Google recently integrated their Google shopping ads with their Adwords program. For increased visibility and traffic, consider including your products in your Google Advertising efforts. By using Google shopping ads, your products will appear within the first search results for key words associated with your products.



In Conclusion


There are several components of a successful, small business online ecommerce website. You can’t overlook any aspect, no matter how small it seems.