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“When writing a blog post, use your own experiences. You’ve got to make it personal!”

Making Your Marketing Personal


As I sat down to write this article, those words from Cazbah Director of Client Services, Mike Farney, continued to haunt my every thought. I mean, I write very informative articles full of internet marketing tips that are helpful to small business owners as well as those who may be in the early years of their marketing career. That said, why do I need to make it personal? What’s the purpose? And then it hit me…


When you share personal experiences with an individual or audience, you’re allowing them to connect with you on a much deeper level. It’s a way to connect and let others get to know who you are, what you’re about, where your areas of interest are, and why you respond/react to various situations as you do.



How Does Personal Marketing Relate To Internet Marketing?


With every experience, whether it be personal or professional,  there is a lesson worth learning. Experiences, including the difficult ones, make us stronger and wiser in the end. This would include the various areas of marketing.


As we work with small business owners who have unique products and or services across various industries, it gives us the ability to continue growing our wealth of knowledge in these areas. As we learn about our clients’ unique businesses, we help them define their niche and assist them through the challenges they face, using various marketing tools to better understand who their customer is and what  their needs are.


Through this process, our clients get to know us (Internet Marketing Consultants) on a much deeper level. From personality and communication styles, to expectations and goals. As we continue to share more and more details, online marketing strategies and other experiences, the level of trust begins to grow.



Making Your Marketing Personal Can Help Business Growth


As a business owner, it is extremely important to develop some sort of personalization with your employees, as well as your customers. After all, people work with and buy from people they like, know and trust.


Here are a few areas where small businesses can work toward building a more personal and trustworthy relationship with others.



Making Your Marketing Personal




Tips for Making Your Marketing Personal


  • When writing content, talk to your customers, not at them
  • If there’s additional knowledge or information about a product or service, share it
  • Provide updates on products and services
  • Let your audience know of any improvements or changes being made along with what/why you chose to address those specific areas
  • Share pictures of new projects
  • Use names when talking about people, places and/or things


Any area where you have an opportunity to promote your business, while sharing your personal experiences, advice, suggestions and knowledge, is an opportunity to gain the trust of your audience.  


I hope you enjoyed this post and the ideas or recommendations being made. If not, blame it on Mike!
(And yes, that comment was made to make this article more personal by sharing my sense of humor with you!)  

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