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Most of you know by now that Google AdWords is one of your best options for advertising your business online. Among many other positives, being able to tightly control how and where your ad spend is going, makes this platform so great for small businesses in particular. Even with all of that considered, sometimes a campaign just doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped it would.

Recently, I encountered a situation where ending a major AdWords campaign was being seriously considered. All of the peripheral statistics were where they should have been, but the ROI was just not there. After nearly a year of keyword research, rewriting ads, adjusting bids, and countless other experimentations, I determined we should drastically reduce ad spend and focus on other solutions.

Before I go on, there is a very important disclaimer I must make very clear: Just because your AdWords campaign has not shown the returns you expected on your first attempt, does not mean AdWords is to blame. Because of the vastness and complexity of the platform, it is most likely you have not had the expertise or time to spend on exhausting all the options. If this is something you’re interested in, or struggle with currently, contact your Cazbah Internet Marketing Consultant today to get your account back on track.

I could write a few blog posts just on all the options available within AdWords and how to leverage them, but for now I’d like to focus on a few bigger picture questions you need to consider before ending a fluttering campaign.

What are your main goals?

This, in the end, is what everything comes down to. Are you an e-commerce site looking for leads, directing users to submit a form, or to call you? If your ad spend is outweighing your sales or value you have assigned to leads, then it’s much easier to make the call to end your AdWords campaign than if you are just going for brand awareness.

Are you tracking everything?

Knowing what your main goals are is obviously the first step, but equally as important is making sure you are appropriately accounting for all types of leads/sales that your AdWords campaign might be responsible for. AdWords covers most of your bases for you here (even giving you the option to count a conversion from someone who clicks on your ad, but doesn’t convert until they come back to the site another time within a 30 day window), but one gap left is call tracking. If a customer clicks on your ad, then calls you to place an order or request a quote once on your site, your AdWords campaign won’t get its due credit. I recommend reading this post by Cazbah’s own Mike Farney to learn more about the benefits of call tracking.

Even without sales, ads have value

If the goal of your campaign is brand awareness, don’t get too depressed by lower click through rates initially. Obviously there are varying degrees of this, but there is still value in having your ad seen, especially if it’s amongst other ads of companies you want to be competing against.

If you are ever frustrated with the performance of your AdWords account, think back to some of these main points before giving up on it all together. Contact your marketing professional or Cazbah IMC for help with either breathing life back into your campaign, or determining if your valuable advertising dollars should be spent elsewhere.

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