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Importance of a Modern, Responsive WebsiteImportance of a Modern Website

As a business owner, it is important to not only ask, but to learn how customers are accessing information about your business.  The internet has indeed influenced this a great deal over the years. Now with iPads, Tablets, and mobile phones that act more like mini computers, the change in buying patterns is on the rise!  Consumers use these devices nearly every day to quickly access information and shop online.

Importance of a Responsive Website

According to Cisco Systems forecasts, internet searching by mobile phone is overtaking desktop computer searches right now and by 2017, mobile traffic is expected to increase by 7 times.  How do you maintain visibility and stay ahead of competitors?  First, your business understands the importance of a modern, quality website, one that uses the best and latest SEO/SEM practices.

A more modern, responsive website design includes:

  • Supports all devices, from the smallest mobile to iPhones and computers to large plasma-TV screens
  • Links from Email & Social work on all devices
  • Keeps branding consistent
  • Maintains font, layout, etc.
  • Easy to update and maintain
  • User-friendly layout with important information and or products highlighted
  • Top & Side Navigation makes it easier to navigate and locate specific and important areas on the site

Internet Marketing Strategy

Next, have an Internet Marketing Plan that functions as an overall marketing procedure for your business; this is just as important as any other business strategy. Both are equally important and a necessity for any business to be successful.  Below is a list of some of the major marketing strategies that should be practiced.

Successful Marketing Strategies Include:

A website is an important intellectual asset for your company. Treating it as such will only benefit you, as well as your online audience.

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