Customer retention drives growth and lowers cost no matter the product or service. In this post, we outline four strategies to drive a loyal customer base and keep them coming back for more. 


So how can you create regulars when fierce competition is a single click away?


1. Exceed Expectations


If the expected delivery date is within seven business days, strive to ship and deliver your product in five. At the very least, the product should be on the doorstep within the allotted seven days. Many companies implement delivery dates farther out than what’s necessary because they’re using a tactic to over deliver to their customers. 


2. Handle Crises With Transparency


The public can be amazingly understanding during a time of crisis if it’s handled properly. The most prominent scandals where companies have suffered are the ones where the problem was hidden, or the company attempted to hide it. Customers can forgive mistakes, but they can’t forgive being lied to. 


3. Create an Impressive CX


Find out where your customers are bouncing when navigating through your site. If you have a complicated payment method set up, it may be time to consider a simple POS system integrated into your site. Additionally, personalize related goods or services for each item so there is a potential to upsell your clients. 


4. Build Relationships


Successful client-customer relationships in this market is essential for repeat business. Dig deep into your available data and find emotional drivers for your customer base. If your clients care about environmental issues, do your best to model your company to mirror eco-friendly features.


Customers have so many options with just a few clicks of a button. It’s essential to create a quick experience and deliver exactly what’s promised. For more ideas to make your customers love you, take a look at the infographic below courtesy of Fundera