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After years of trying to write my own blog posts and website content, I am much more emphatic towards author’s who have writer’s block. Coming up with new content for your website or blog can be an Olympic challenge if you don’t know where to look for inspiration. But, don’t give up yet! You have access to fresh content generation ideas everyday!


If you keep your eyes and ears open, you can gain content generation ideas from just about anywhere or anything. Taking the time to read the news, watch a video about the newest product coming into your industry, talk with other entrepreneurs, research a new marketing method etc. can give you great ideas on topics for future blog articles.


At the start of every year, pick large themes you want to center your blog articles around. Once you have your larger themes, you can then start researching and planning individual topics for blog posts. Here are just a few resources you already have access to to amp up your content marketing strategy!



Turn Your Articles Into Videos


Video marketing is on the rise! It seems to be the newest and most effective form of marketing for businesses both large and small. If you’re looking for some fresh content for your website, videos are a great place to start. You can either convert an existing article into a video or create a video on a new topic. However, the obvious added bonus of making a video of an already existing article is not needing to create a video script from scratch. You can then also add the video to the article and re-post it to promote your new marketing video.


how to start a video marketing campaign


Videos are rapidly overtaking articles as the most popular (and efficient) for of communication with prospects and customers. According to HubSpot:


  • 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it
  • 1/3 of the time people spend online is spent watching videos
  • Video is projected to control more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019


YouTube makes it easy to post and share marketing videos with your followers. Once you create an account, you can upload videos or use your webcam add videos to your YouTube channel. From there, you can embed the video link into your articles or share them on your social media accounts as well. Let your audience know you’ve updated your article or that it has a video they can watch instead of reading the article. In many cases, video are an easier method for viewers to intake information. Giving your already existing article an update is a great way to increase audience interest and interactions.



Connect With Your Co-Workers


What are the biggest stumbling blocks for your sales team or the most time consuming moments on the phone with customers?  What is the information your employees or co-workers wish each customer knew before calling your business? Your co-workers may have information and ideas about your business, customer concerns, interesting topics etc. that you may not know.


And, chances are, your co-workers have specialized skills or knowledge in particular areas as well. One of the easiest ways to come up with content ideas is to talk to others and expose yourself to differing views and experiences. Your employees’ skills and knowledge are one of your best sources for information because it’s free for you to gain access to it! You can interview them to gain content generation ideas and information or ask them to write a article about that topic.



Keep Up With the News


Your business is changing as the world changes (or at least it should be.) It’s essential that your small business remains relevant and that your content is current so you can continue to grow and gain more customers or clients. Your industry is also changing with new updates, laws, technology, and influential leaders being added to the mix daily. These are all important and relevant topics that you can research and write articles on! Write about what you know and are comfortable with!


content marketing types


To find out what topics are trending you can set up Google alerts, use Buzzsumo to find the most popular articles on a specific topic, or do a simple Google search. All these methods will show you what articles are most popular. If you know that information, you can start writing original content of your own on the same topic specifically tailored to your customers. If your article is well-written and provides actionable information, it is likely to do well because your topics will be current.


Writing about a current and popular topic, event, or controversial issue is a great way to boost interactions with your blog article. If you have an intriguing article headline and meta description, web visitors are bound to click on your article link. And don’t be afraid to have a contrasting view or option. As long as you present your argument in a professional manor and back up your statements with research and facts, your article will have merit, even if readers don’t agree with you.



In Conclusion


Consistently coming up with new content generation ideas can be difficult, but if you use every resource and outlet available to you, your task will become much easier. You have content generation idea resources all around you from the daily news to your employees and co-workers! This article just lists a few ways to jump start your content marketing strategy, but there are several other methods you can look into as well.


What are some of your favorite places to get content inspiration? Let us know in the comments!