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As we know, the Google landscape is always changing. A particular frustration that I’ve written here previously is that the ways in which one can and should deal with any Google Maps or MyBusiness issue has changed consistently for years now.

Dealing with duplicate Google MyBusiness listings, or dealing with really any Google Maps related issue, can be frustrating and quite time consuming to deal with. While that hasn’t changed entirely and the system can still be cumbersome to navigate, I come with good news.

I recently dealt with a client that had the typical multiple GMB account issue, and we wanted to merge one account that had no reviews an incomplete info into the account we had ownership of that had many positive reviews. I follow Google MyBusiness (@GoogleMyBiz) on Twitter, and they are always saying they are there for support, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Based on past experiences of trying to get any sort of support from a human at Google, I had very low expectations. As a marketer that deals with incorrect profile info regularly, the lack of service in such a popular area (Google Maps data essentially) has always been frustrating. This time was different though. Within 30 minutes of my Direct Message to the GMC Twitter account, I had a human response, addressing my question about the best way to go about merging the two profiles. I was blown away.

Now, they weren’t able to work any magic for me and instantly merge the profiles because the incomplete one had been claimed and verified by another user (in the end it was my client who had done so years ago but forgot), but they did clearly state the steps I needed to take to fix the issue.

Additionally, in order for them to complete my request (once I gained access and deleted my client’s other profile they later realized they owned), GMB support linked me to a one-time request form created for my case. After I submitted the form, they indicated it would be escalated to one of their specialists for a follow up. I only recently issued the request and am waiting on a response, which I add to this post as it happens.

It also remains to be seen what type response rate and general help I get if I use this support option consistently, but have much more hope of success than I did before my first request.

I can’t promise that this new tip won’t change in the next six months, but Google’s recent effort in transparency and increased access to support is encouraging, and does make small business marketers lives a bit easier…for now.

If you have any Google MyBusiness issues you couldn’t clean up on your own, reach out to your Cazbah Internet Marketing Consultant and they can help you with their own expertise, or better yet, try out one of the new Google Support resources on Twitter.

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