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Easy Password concept. My password 123456 written on a paper with marker.We are a month into 2017 already, and your New Year resolution is probably already a distant memory. One of the resolutions which doesn’t even make the top 10 list is getting organized. However, at the root of all of them, getting organized is probably a key contributing factor.

In business, especially small business, getting organized is critical in maximizing your efficiency to achieve marketing objectives. So many efforts are dependent on knowing who has access to what accounts, and where to even login. I have seen a lot of time wasted with people who “used to have an employee, who knew a guy, who did this for me, who I think had Facebook?”

I dealt with a one such situation recently, where a number of different Google accounts had been created over the years by the client for various purposes. It probably happened because they didn’t remember who had created what account originally, and could have used an existing one if they had been more organized.

As a result, we don’t know who has access to the account which owns the Google My Business page, and now we have to go back and reclaim ownership of that (even though they probably “own” it, but just can’t remember/recover the account credentials). Thankfully it isn’t a critical situation, but if there was an inaccuracy on the GMB account, it could have dramatic impact in a number of important SEO areas.

The best thing you can do is get the most important company information consolidated and stored in a secure location. To help you get started, here is a quick outline which includes some of the most common, and most important things you should have access to in order to achieve your online marketing goals.

Feel free to download this and customize it to meet your needs. Just a reminder – if you’re going to store this digitally, or in print, take appropriate safeguards. Whether that means keeping it locked in a safe place, or encrypting a file, this information is critical to your business. Hopefully this list is helpful to you in your business. If you see something left out that you think would benefit people, add a comment and we can update this version so it can help future users.

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