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Email Marketing


Email marketing campaigns can be a powerful tool for small businesses, if done correctly. Email marketing can drive conversions, increase your ROI, and connect you directly to your customers or even potential customers.


Emails are a great medium between social media interactions and in person meetings. They allow a sense of familiarity and casualness, but can also be presented in a formal manner as well. Email marketing campaigns gain you direct access to your target audience so you can deliver your information to them personally. If you’re struggling to create a strong email marketing campaign, fear no more! Follow the 7 tips below to start reaching your customers and increasing your revenue.



It’s All About Balance


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You’re emails need to be well crafted from the subject line all the way down to the closing phrase. Half the battle is getting your viewers to open your email. Once at that point, you need to hold their interest and get them to scroll through the email and take whatever action you’re email is driving at.


If your email appears boring or too text heavy, no one will read it. There needs to be a visual balance of imagery, information, and call to action to interest your readers.



Email Construction


It may seem complicated but if you follow these simple rules, you can increase the click through rates on your next mailing:


1. Make It Easy To Subscribe

Post sign up forms in places where your customers are already visiting. Don’t include too many required fields, if you form is too long it might never get completed. All you really need is there name and email address!


2. Set Subscribers Expectations 

Let subscribers know what to expect, whether you plan to send updates daily, monthly or weekly. Provide as much information as possible on your sign up page so that customers know exactly what they will be receiving to better make their decision.


3. Carefully Craft Subject Lines

Think of your subject line as a handshake. It’ll set the expectation for the rest of the interaction, or email in this case. If you’re email is going to be clicked on, it needs to draw people in. Create a catchy title which will interest your readers.


Subject Line Tips:

  • Keep subjects short, 50 characters or less.
  • Make them catchy, try to provoke curiosity
  • Use punctuation and capitalization to catch your readers eye


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4. Mobile Friendly Design

Today’s society is always on the go. Reading email on mobile device is increasing in popularity. Make sure you’re not missing your target audience by keeping your emails mobile friendly. Make sure you’re using a simplistic design theme with limited graphics.


5. Keep Emails Brief

Multitasking is a way of life. Many users are reading your emails while doing, or thinking about, something else. Introduce your main point in the beginning paragraph of your email, users won’t waste their time reading wordy emails. Use short paragraphs or lists to make reading easier for your audience.


6. Write About Relevant Topics

Relevant information is key to grabbing the subscriber’s attention and keeping it. Make sure you don’t ware out your welcome with your subscribers. Only send an email when you have something truly valuable or helpful to say


Email for 2 Reasons:

  • A sale or special pricing: Everyone loves a good deal. This is something that will help your customers, and increase your brand awareness.
  • To Show what you know: Inform your target audience of something exciting going in at your company, or help them out with an issue they encounter in their everyday lives. This will help showcase you industry knowledge or keep readers up to date on current events at your company.


7. Include Social Links       

Make it easy for readers to share your content. If you add share buttons, or links to your social sites on the email it will encourage readers to share your content with their circles. This one easy step could lead to increased brand exposure, especially if you’re writing about something helpful.


social media links


In Conclusion


Email marketing campaigns can yield profitable results for both your business and your customers. It may seem difficult, and even stressful, to craft the perfect email your your audience, but it doesn’t have to be. Following the simple steps outlined above will help to ensure your email is well-written, informative, and captivating.


What are some practices you use when crafting your email? Let us know in the comments below!

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