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Steps to Effective Delegation for Small Business Owners

steps to effective delegation


I work with many small business owners, and the number one complaint I hear is that they don’t have enough time to focus on their website, to write thorough content, promote their business, or complete every day taks. Oftentimes, business owners have a hard time asking for help. It’s in the spirit of entrepreneurs to try to do it all, at the same time.


However, task delegation is vital for great leadership and small business success. Even the most organized and efficient CEO needs help and support to get it all done.


Here are the steps to effective delegation of workplace tasks so you can focus on your small business growth:



The Benefits of Delegating Tasks


As we talked about above, entrepreneurs are big do-it-yourself-ers and may sometimes find it hard to accept help or delegate tasks for other to do. However, this mindset isn’t sustainable and if you want your small business to grow and expand. You’ll inevitably need to learn the steps of when and how to distribute tasks within your company. In fact, you could be actually holding your business back from being all it can be if you insist on doing everything yourself. But, when do you need to let go of the reins?


There are several benefits to delegating tasks and sharing the work load. According to Time Doctor, there are 4 main ways that task allocation can help your small business:




1. Boosts Productivity


Focus on your strengths and what you can do best. Allocate tasks you struggle with to others who are better equipped to complete them. Using this method, everyone will be tasked with projects they feel confident and capable in, and will be able to complete them at a faster rate.



2. Increases Efficiency


Tied to productivity, delegating work to others with particular skills or knowledge bases will allow them to complete tasks correctly assigned to them at a faster rate. Part of a successful work team is utilizing everyone’s best strengths to ensure work is completed correctly, smoothly, and on time.



3. Boosts Company Morale


Time Doctor states, “Rather than dipping your hands into every project, take the time to get to know your staff and their work. This will give your co-workers an opportunity to thrive, create a more positive environment, and boost company morale.”.



4. Improves Quality of Work


When you assign tasks to those are are most equipped to complete them, you are also ensuring that they’ll be completed at a higher quality as well. You hired specific co-workers and employees because they have specialized skills, knowledge, and experience, use that to the advantage of the whole company! Those individuals will be able to give unique perspectives, background knowledge, and thoughts that others may not consider or have experience with. The quality of the work you produce as a company is what will help you stand out and attract new customers and clients to you.



Know When You Need to Delegate Tasks


Maybe you already know the benefits to distributing work to experienced individuals in your company, but are a little lost on the steps of determining the timing. There are some key tell-tale signs to look out for in determining when it’s time to start delegating tasks away from yourself and to others.




Here’s a short checklist to help you determine the steps to delegating tasks to others:







Who to Delegate Tasks To


The whole purpose of delegating work tasks is to create a harmonious work flow within your small business. But, if those tasks are to be completed well and on time, you need to pay attention to who you’re delegating those work tasks too. An employee’s department, authority, experience, seniority, and knowledge all come into play when determining how to best delegate tasks and manage work flow within your company.



Here are a few tips to help you get started delegating work tasks:







In Conclusion


Delegating authority to qualified individuals within your company to help you complete necessary tasks can help your business experience more growth and success. The checklists above will help you determine the necessary steps to delegating tasks. As an entrepreneur, it’s difficult to try and manage everything perfectly and over time you’ll find yourself burnt out, overly stressed, and falling behind. Do what’s best for your and your business and start giving some responsibility to your co-workers and employees!

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