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The Holidays are about to set in, which means that most people are looking forward to some time off from work. It’s a time to recharge and refocus. It’s a time for people to celebrate and look back at the past year and be grateful for the good things that have happened in their lives. It’s a season for some of us to learn new skills such as baking and decorating. It’s time for your ecommerce website to get focused!

For those of us in business, this time of the year means that Q4 is here. This season gives online businesses an opportunity to expand their client-base, increase their sales, and ultimately become established brands in the ecommerce world. If you have a web-based business, it’s essential to ensure you are well prepared before the holidays set in. Are you prepared? If you aren’t, here are ten reasons why you should start preparing now.


Build Your Brand Reputation

Your success during the Holiday season depends on your company’s reputation. It is, therefore, crucial to start preparing now to ensure you have a good reputation when the Holidays begin. Focusing on the Holidays can help you create, improve, or maintain a strong online ecommerce website brand.


Company Culture

Preparation enables you to pay more attention to your company’s culture, which determines how people associate with your company. Your company’s culture tells what makes you stand out from your rivals and gives your business a competitive edge. By paying more attention to your company’s culture, you will be able to understand it more, improve it, and align it with your brand.

This will help you come up with cerebral strategies that will help you improve and ensure you maintain your brand’s reputation. It goes without saying that a good reputation will guarantee you more sales during the Holidays. Having a well-defined company culture also makes it easier for new customers to learn about your company and the products that you offer.


Increase Sales

It’s a known fact that people increase their purchasing during the Holidays. This means that there will more online searches as people try to find various products to buy for themselves or their loved ones. During this season, even people who aren’t actively adding items to their ecommerce website shopping carts will be busy researching items and comparing prices and shipping fees to ensure they find the deals that match their needs, budget and ambitions.

A recent study by eMarketer shows that the U.S. ecommerce sector accounted for more than 10.6% of total sales during the 2016 festive season. This means that nearly a quarter of all U.S. buyers did half of their buying online in 2016. Experts expect that the ecommerce sector will account for 15.85 % in retail sales in 2017. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

You should, therefore, do everything possible to ensure your business can take advantage of this trend. Make sure your website is ready to handle any amount of traffic that may come your way. You should also ensure that your landing and product pages are properly optimized to make it easier for the customer to navigate through your website.


Improve Your Brand Visibility

More visibility equals more sales. Coming up with plans for the Holidays will not only improve your brand’s reputation but also help you increase your brand’s visibility during this season. By preparing early, you will have enough time to come up with relevant marketing campaigns that will reach your targeted audience. You will also have enough time to adjust your SEO strategy to ensure that you use the keywords and titles that most buyers use while searching for items during the festive season.

These adjustments will help increase your online visibility and also allow you to build strong relationships with your customers in a way that feels organic and smooth. Improved visibility, relevant marketing campaigns and healthy relationships between you and your clients will ensure that you don’t lose your clients to your rivals during the Holiday Season.


Turn Customers Into eCommerce Website Brand Ambassadors

A recent study shows that 92% of people, especially those who shop online, trust recommendations from individuals over brands. Early preparations will help you come up with offers and strategies that will help transform your current clients into brand ambassadors. Giving your clients discounts and personalized gifts during the holiday, for instance, can help turn your clients into your brand ambassadors. Having your clients market your company can help you increase sales and lure new clients during this season. Here are several more ways you can use to turn your current customers into brand ambassadors:

• Focus your energies on customer retention

• Engage with your clients more

• Build an authentic brand

• Provide a genuine value proposition

• Improve customer experience and increase customer satisfaction


Cyber Monday – November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday is the busiest online business day of the year and can be a stressful time for online business owners. During this day, you will be required to deal with the day-to-day operations of your company and still deal with the never-ending demands from your clients.

You can easily mess-up on this day. To ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure you prepare early. As mentioned before, make sure your site is optimized correctly to ensure it can handle a large influx of sales without delay or site slowdown.

According to, Cyber Monday retail sales have increased by 15.78% from 2015 – 2016, and that amounts to $3.45 Billion! When the day comes, let your clients know that your ecommerce website will be Open-For-Business!

This year, the busiest online business day falls on November 27th. Now that you know the date, prepare your marketing campaigns, increase your inventory, and notify your audiences of the deals that they should look forward to, and you are likely to celebrate on that day.


Relevant Ecommerce Website Promotions

It’s important to note that things work differently during the Holidays. At this time of the year, people are more primed and ready to shop. Therefore, whether it is a gift guide promotion, a flash sale, or other marketing efforts, make sure you execute all campaigns correctly. Additionally, make sure you use the right language and tone, and ensure all the ads you use make sense.


Crush The Competition

There are those ecommerce business owners who prepare early because other people are doing it. Even though coping with what your competitors are doing is good, these business owners should use this time to come up with unique strategies that can help crush their competitors.

Before the Holidays start, you should come up with a strategy that is unique and can help you beat your rivals. For instance, you can use the preparation phase to make your delivery package more attractive and personalized.

Personalized and beautiful packages show that you think and care about your customers. It also shows that they are important to your business and that you are not there to exploit them. You can combine this strategy with free shipping during the holidays and you will be surprised to see how people gravitate to businesses that care “so much” about their welfare.


Understand The Market

Whether you want to sell close to home or worldwide, you need to study the market conditions to know what customers want and what they don’t want. Taking the time to learn and understand how the market works will help you know if your strategy will work or not. This can also help you monitor your competitors.

Looking at market conditions will give you answers to the following four questions.

  1. Who are your competitors?
  2. How can you beat them?
  3. What are they doing differently?
  4. What plan do you need to stay ahead of the pack?


Studying the market conditions will also help you when buying your inventory because you will have an idea of what clients want. You can also use the insight you gain when studying the market conditions for pricing purposes. Understanding the market will help you come up with new plans and marketing techniques that will ensure your brand shines during the Holidays.


New Ways To Reach Your Customers

During the Holidays, online business owners have the opportunity to connect and engage with their new and existing clients in captivating ways. You need to categorize your clients and create personalized messages for each type. Ensure you align this individualized messaging across all marketing channels, including paid ads, email, social media, and other. Be sure to personalize, optimize, and track your campaigns to ensure you don’t send stale ads to your clients. Be creative!

One way of attracting clients to your site using this method is by creating new and original content. Increasing profitability during the Holidays is everyone’s goal, but building a reputable brand should always be a priority.


Enhance Security

Even though online stores have changed the way we shop, it has caught the attention of fraudsters who are now working day and night to steal from those who use this revolutionary form of purchasing products. Online shoppers know this and will avoid your ecommerce website if they sense that there is anything suspicious.

The level of security on your website will determine, at some level, how much you make during the Holidays. Preparation will enable you to identify any issues on your website and fix them. Your site should also be protected with SSL – secure socket layer encryption. This will help prevent any hacking attempts and will also assure your clients that they are visiting a secure website.


In Conclusion

The Holiday season is a time when your ecommerce website can generate a substantial amount of revenue. In many cases, a significant portion of their annual sales revenue. Don’t be caught unprepared. Make sure that you are ready for this time-of-year by following the above advice.  Ensure that your ecommerce business will reap the benefits of the Holidays!