understanding color psychology and business


Perhaps you heard about color psychology and wondered what all the fuss is about, and whether it’s that important. Should you be concerned with which colors you use for your brand and website, or is it okay to just go ahead with whatever you fancy? Well, it turns out that colors really do have a massive effect on the human psyche, albeit mostly on a subconscious level. Nevertheless, the colors you choose can indeed make or break your business.



Why Color Choice Matters in Business


All this and more is what DesignAdvisor have discovered in their fascinating infographic titled ‘40 Facts About How Psychology of Color Can Boost Your Website Conversions’. Through compelling case studies, stats and facts, it comes to light that certain colors work better for certain kinds of business and that different types of shoppers are more responsive to certain colors than to others (for example, shoppers on a budget, traditional buyers or impulsive buyers).


So if your website or logo needs a facelift, or perhaps you’re just starting out, it’s worth looking into some of the messages different colors convey before launching your brand. Let’s use red as an example. Everyone knows red is the color of emotion, boldness, and excitement. But did you know that seeing the color red can increase someone’s heart rate? This is great for a business in the food industry, or related to technology and transport, but not a good pick if you’re in healthcare or finance.


Another interesting consideration is your CTA button. What color is yours, by the way? Some renowned companies saw dramatic improvements in their conversion rates after changing the color of their call to action button. It’s not only the color of the button itself that makes a difference, but also the color of the font you use on the button, and how much contrast there is between the lighter and darker colors, shades and hues.


So have a good look at this infographic and see if there is anything you could change to give your conversions a boost. Find out how the color of psychology is influencing your clients and how you can maximize its effects to your best advantage.


how does color psychology work



In Conclusion


Whether you realize it or not, color plays a large, everyday role in business. The colors you choose to represent your business can either entice customers or send them running for the hills. Next time you’re considering a new marketing campaign or perhaps a website re-design, come back and take a look at this infographic to make sure you’re making the right choice for your small business going forward.



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