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Sidco Filters: OEM Filter Manufacturer


Sid Cutt, founder of Sidco, talks about what it was like for Sidco Filter Corporation when they first approached the idea of internet marketing and digital selling, “we went through several years and various gyrations with a number of different web companies. We also tried to do it ourselves”. Like so many small businesses, Sidco tried a variety of different approaches to market the company on the Internet, which ultimately led to frustration and disappointment.

Sid goes on to explain how trying to do it themselves also turned out to be a disappointment, “we found that we ended up not investing our internal resources into the work required to do Internet marketing properly”. “There was always something better or more important to do. We contracted with other folks to help us get better coverage and better ranking on the search engines. But, we never felt that they were doing the job for us.” 


Sidco Filter Corporation has been a loyal Cazbah customer since 2005. Cazbah helped the company ‘tighten-the-focus’ and create lead generating opportunities through an optimized website. Sid comments that, “when we went to Cazbah, we were able to tighten the approach so that today we get very few non-specific inquiries at all.”

Cazbah designed Sidco’s website to exacting standards. It was clear that a rifle targeting approach was called for. Cazbah developed the contents and the functionality of the website to reflect this focus on Sidco Filter Corporation’s target customers. This strategy aided Cazbah in the optimization work required to place the company at the ‘top-of-the-page’ on the search engines. Cazbah ensured that when Sidco Filter Corporation’s customer went looking for industrial filters and housings, they were able to find not only the product they were looking for, but a useful cross-reference to all other appropriate products as well.

The Bottom Line:

Bigger orders, better conversion rates. Sidco Filter Corporation is continuously increasing their average order size and close more of them as a result of their new, optimized website. Sid went on to say, “It amazes me to this day that someone will spend $20,000 over the internet, for one of our products, even though they’ve had no experience with us before”. “But, because they had a comfort level and because of the quality of our website and the correspondence they received, they will make that purchase.”

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