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Mike Farney

Director of Client Services at Cazbah - Mike has been with Cazbah for over 13 years. With more than 20 years of experience working for start-up software companies and large technology corporations, like Unisys and Oracle, Mike has a broad range of knowledge about business, large and small, and the software industry in particular. His unique blend of sales, channel development, and strategic partner development has allowed Mike to implement Analytics, SEO and Internet Marketing strategies that contribute to his customer's online success. Mike loves fly fishing, cooking, visiting new places, meeting new people and spending time with his daughters.   LinkedIn Profile  |  Google Analytics Individual Qualified

Plan Ahead with KPI’s

As Internet Marketing Consultants at Cazbah, one of our goals is to understand our customer’s business objectives, in order to trace that back to digital marketing performance. Quite often, our SMB (Small and Medium Business) customers will answer that question with...

Four Mobile Measurements for 2017

By now it should be no surprise that mobile compatibility is important for your website and your business. Google has been discussing the importance of mobile websites for a couple years now. They even assigned a ranking factor to mobile friendly sites in 2015. We...

Measuring Towards Success – KPI

When I do Google Analytics Audits, one of the questions I ask is “How are you tracking your Internet Marketing campaigns?” More times than not, the response is “We are not tracking them.” I am amazed that companies who have large advertising budgets don’t measure the...

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