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AdWords Ads Are Changing: Learn How to Take Advantage

AdWords ads


Recently, Google announced some of the most drastic changes to the AdWords pay per click platform in the history of the service. While AdWords ads are constantly being changed, this particular update effects the expansion of text ads and could have a real effect on your business, if taken advantage of.



What’s Changing?


Most pundits consider this to be the single most influential update in the history of AdWords. Ok, I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true. AdWords Ads will soon have two 30 character headlines (the bigger, blue text), up from one, 25 character headline. In addition to double headlines, there will now be a single 80 character description line, up 10 from the two 35 character lines.


Before and After Image: 


This may not look like a big difference, but more space means more room to advertise and more “real estate” for SEO optimization. In that little amount of space, marketers can include more sophisticated keywords and more convincing tag lines to draw people to click on their ads. The more space you have to advertise your product or service, the better, especially if you’re paying for it.


A nice side note here is that longer AdWords ads will take up more space on the results page, pushing even the top ranking results down lower to further promote paid advertising. So, if you’re paying for Google AdWords, you’re getting more bang for your buck!



Why the Change?


This change follows another significant update Google made a few months back to remove right side ads from the SERP, in order to create similar ad experiences across devices. Like most updates now, these expanded text ads will be seen on all devices, creating a consistent experience.


I think this change will actually have a greater impact on mobile because now the extended ad length will undoubtedly take up every inch of space above the fold (requiring the user to scroll down before they even see the first organic search result).


Another reason given by Google for the change is that they found the double headlines to increase CTR by as much as 25% in some tests. Even if this number is bloated, higher CTR’s lead to lower overall advertising costs.



How to Take Advantage of It


An increased importance will now be placed on the headlines of your Adwords ads. As the clickable space in your ads, they often determine how convincing your ad is to the user. Instead of winging it and writing longer headlines just because you can, take a look at your most successful ads and be sure to reuse the most successful current phrases in the new, longer headline format. Remember, most good ad text focuses on the needs of the user!


Be as specific as you can in your call-to-action text in order to clearly fulfill your customer needs. With this update, this is a much more do-able task for niche SMB’s in particular, which need the extra space to clearly communicate what makes them unique.


Longer text ads simply give advertisers more room to convey their point, make their pitch, or tell their story. The ability to perform these actions should, in all likelihood, drive more qualified traffic. Higher CTR’s, creating more qualified traffic, is a win for both advertisers and the user experience.


For a more in-depth look at how to take advantage of longer headlines, check out this article from Google’s Matt Lawson.





Don’t be late to this party. Taking advantage of expanded Adwords ad space before your competitors do, should position you favorably. As these changes are rolled out over the next few months, you can be sure your Cazbah Internet Marketing Consultant will be on top of these updates, keeping you ahead of the competition.

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