The target of every marketing team is to close as many leads as possible. But beyond being simply motivated by money, the team performance needs to be well optimized to achieve results. Thus as a leader, you need the know how to use your resources to optimize performance from your marketing team.


Here are seven tips to help you optimize your marketing team, improve customer relationships, and increase sales.


1. Find out What’s Happening in Your Industry


Researching your market isn’t something new. But with the current times, there are constant changes in how organizations do business. Your marketing team cannot afford to keep working in isolation. It is important to be up to speed on new marketing trends and how it affects your industry. For example, if you did not have a digital marketing strategy, now is the time for your team to up their game. Digital marketing is a must if you wish to optimize your marketing team efforts.


Also, find out what the current marketing messages are from competitors in your industry. How are they positioning their products or services and who is the target market. Paying attention to these details helps your team know what to include or avoid in your marketing strategy.


2. Create Channels for Your Sales and Marketing teams to Align


An excellent way to optimize your sales team and generate more revenue is to integrate them with sales. The two teams pursue common objectives like growth and revenue. However, these teams are not always on the same page in terms of strategies for leads generation and conversion. This is particularly common with large organizations.


Thus you need to create channels for these teams to work together and achieve optimization. Some options you can use to integrate marketing and sales include:

  • Creating a common marketing/sales funnel. It will show each team what the other is doing and help harmonize strategies.
  • Sharing accountability amongst both teams to help bridge the gap of measurable results.
  • Regular meetings to compare goals and look out for any disconnect.

3. Map Out Clear Strategies and Provide Good Direction


With a well laid out plan and strategies, it’s easier to achieve your marketing goals. It serves as a guide for the team to know what to do and what not to do. It likewise serves as a tool to measure team achievements. However, the key aspect of creating a strategy is knowing how to communicate it in a manner that guides your team in the right direction.


Therefore, it helps to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. This way you know the right roles to assign to each person based on their capabilities. Additional ways to provide your team with good direction include;

  • Arming them with the right marketing tools and technology.
  • Allowing them to add their ideas to build an effective marketing strategy.

4. Understand and Target your Customer Buyer Personas


Having a buyer persona is very effective to help marketing teams create strategies to increase sales. So, if you don’t have one then your team will need to create a buyer persona fast. A customer buyer persona is a profile of the type of client your product appeals to. It often contains information such as customer age, occupation, gender, location, interests, lifestyle, etc.


Consider the type of product or service you offer and how it benefits user demands. For example, the marketing team of an essay writing service like Best Writers Online when creating marketing strategies will target persona’s that require writing services. So if their customer persona covers students who need writing services, then the marketing team knows the best way to approach them.


In this instance, the persona will help answer questions like; what are students writing needs? What is their budget like? What medium is the best to market to them, etc? They can connect with them on a deeper level which can, in turn, increase sales, return customers, and referrals.


5. Clearly Define Responsibilities


It is not uncommon for a team member to work on something another team member has worked on without realizing it. Such confusion comes in when unnecessary meetings occur, emails go back and forth, and the same questions are asked repetitively. It could be an indication that responsibilities aren’t clear to the marketing team members.


In this case, everyone must be crystal clear as to their responsibilities in the team. Because having two or more members accidentally work on one task wastes resources and affects productivity. Explain the duties to each team member individually and then share collectively as a team. You can also document these responsibilities to avoid confusion and save time spent on repetition. A marketing team with well-defined responsibilities has a higher chance of optimizing their leads and conversions.


6. Make Use of the Best Team Collaboration Tools


Working as a team will require the use of team collaboration tools. It makes communication easier and everyone can track team progress. All team members must not be in the same room to achieve marketing results. With the appropriate tools, they can share or work on documents or tasks in real-time. 


Team collaboration tools contribute to the marketing teams’ productivity and overall work success. Some of these tools include:

  • Automation software to help your team focus on customer service while the software carries out repetitive tasks
  • Project management tools to enable planning, budgeting, time tracking, etc.
  • Custom writing review sites such as Online Writers Rating etc.

 7. Find a Balance for Check-Ins


Every goal has a deadline stipulating the time frame within which you wish to achieve it. Irrespective of these deadlines, you also need to have check-ins to ensure everyone is on the same page and the right path. Again, understanding your team comes in handy here. For some team members, checking in on them might make them feel like you’re micromanaging. They might get uncomfortable around you and then team productivity and optimization suffer.


Additionally, spending your time micromanaging the team could be a waste of resources. You have hired the best hands, so let them do their job. However if you have just hired an inexperienced or junior employee, you might have to do some check-ins. You don’t want to leave them and then run the risk of going off course with your marketing plans.


Another form of check-ins could also be geared towards your marketing team’s well-being. Reach out to your team and touch base with them on what is going on with each individual. You can’t simply assume that everyone is happy and all is well because they do not complain. 


An unhappy team can never be fully optimized to achieve its marketing goals. However, the number of unhappy team members’ is usually less when check-ins are frequent. It will also come in handy if your marketing team works remotely like the paper writing service team at Writing Judge.




An optimized marketing team is bound to improve your leads and sales. However, you need to have a strategy that guides the team and likewise the tools to increase productivity. Using these tips just mentioned is a starting point to optimize your marketing team and elevate your sales results.


Aaron Swain is a writing specialist who is currently working in the company Best Writers Online service for writers and as an editor at review service Online Writers Rating. He working to make better himself in his blogging career. He is constantly trying to find new ways for personal and professional growth and is convinced that it’s always important to broaden limits. That’s why Aaron expands and improves his skills throughout the writing process to help and inspire people.