When a consumer visits your website, they’ll want to know exactly what your business can do for them straight off the bat. Your service pages should make this very clear. 

They need to break down your company’s services in a way that is easily understandable, informative, and enticing. Whether you’re in the process of devising a website outline, or you already have a site and are looking to drive more traffic and sales, there are lots of ways you can ensure your service pages get the job done. 

In this article, I’m going to take a look at some great examples of service pages, and explain how you can take inspiration from them to enhance your own. 

Looka’s service pages are simple but effective

Let’s take a look at Looka, a company that offers an AI-powered logo maker. Customers choose colors, fonts, and designs they like, then Looka comes up with the perfect logo for their business. 

The company’s service page is simple without distractions and shows positive reviews above the fold.

You should also notice their fun and engaging call-to-action button, which exclaims “Let’s make a logo!”. There’s no question about what Looka provides for their customers, and the positive reviews show that they consistently do a fantastic job. 

Below the fold, they outline a few different reasons why a customer should choose them: they’re fun, their product is easy to use, and they deliver.

If your service pages aren’t leading to as many conversions as you would like, consider whether it’s because there are too many distractions. Your business can follow Looka’s lead by getting straight to the point, rather than over-complicating things.

FreshBooks gives prospective customers a sense of FOMO

Ever heard of FOMO, or the fear of missing out? 

For instance, if you had made plans for a night in at home, but you heard that all of your friends were planning to go out, you’d want to join them to avoid missing out on the memories and experience. 

FreshBooks, an online accounting software provider for small businesses and freelancers, capitalizes on our natural desire to be part of something bigger on their invoice templates page

On this service page, they point out that 24 million freelancers are already using (and presumably enjoying) the invoice templates that FreshBooks offers. Plus, it highlights that those who are using these tools typically get paid twice as fast. This is a huge pain point for a lot of freelancers, so they’ll be far more tempted to give these a try after reading that.

Finally, the company mentions that its services are award-winning, which builds a sense of trust. If 24 million freelancers are already benefitting from their award-winning services and getting paid twice as fast, why wouldn’t someone want to get in on the action?

You can take advantage of FOMO with your service pages, too. Could you highlight how many people are already using your services, show when stocks are low to let people know they could miss out, or implement live timers for sales to give a sense of urgency?

Guardian Home Care Toronto puts a face to its services

Guardian Home Care Toronto is a nurse agency and home care provider that serves people in Toronto and North York.

The company is well aware that putting a family member in someone else’s care can be difficult and stressful. So, they’ve worked to humanize their business by including pictures of carers on their service pages.

People who are looking for help will want to know that their elderly family members are going to be well looked after, and the visuals and content on these service pages indicate that they have nothing to worry about.

If you work in an industry that requires a lot of trust and in-person interaction, take a leaf out of Guardian Home Care’s book and put a face to your brand with the images you add to your service pages.

Meet the team pages, employee testimonials, and behind-the-scenes content can also help to humanize your business and ensure your target customers feel at ease. 

JoyOrganics explain why they beat their competition

If you want people to spend money with your business, you need to explain why they should choose you over someone else. JoyOrganics does this masterfully with their category pages. 

They sell premium CBD products, which help people with common issues like anxiety and sleep problems. In just a few lines of copy on their category page, they explain exactly why they stand above the competition. They outline their unique manufacturing process and formulas, and give a brief overview of why they beat out the competition.

Additionally, they directly mention pain points customers might be looking to address with CBD products, such as poor sleep quality, painful muscles, joint problems, and more. This communicates exactly who these products are meant for. 

In just a couple of lines, JoyOrganics covered all of the essentials and will have hopefully accelerated their customers’ decision-making process. If you would like to replicate this for your business, make sure you cover all of the important information above the fold and explain how you stand out from the competition, so your audience aren’t tempted to shop elsewhere. 

ChosenData addresses all of its customers’ pain points

ChosenData is a marketing consulting agency that helps its customers with market research, business growth, data analytics, SEO, and more. 

What’s unique about their website is that they have all of the necessary information on a single, easy-to-understand page. Most notably, they have a section where they include a bullet-pointed list of all of the pain points customers face that they can help address.

It’s succinct, addresses everything a customer would want to know before engaging in business with the company, and helps establish expectations and a sense of trust

Consider adding a list of common customer pain points or concerns to your service pages, and outline the ways you can help to address each one. Someone might not have all of the problems you can help with but, if they see their issues reflected back to them in an easy-to-read list, they’ll be confident your services are for them and will be far more likely to pay for them. 

Hasbrook & Hasbrook encourage people to book a free consultation

Hasbrook & Hasbrook is a personal injury law firm based in Oklahoma City. They cover medical malpractice, car accidents, nursing home abuse, and more. On every service page, they have a form that encourages prospective clients to get in touch for a free consultation.

This adds a lot of value to their pages. It allows people to contact the firm in order to get advice without having to make a financial commitment first. The law can be confusing, and this helps to build trust with prospective clients by showing that the company truly cares about their problems or concerns. 

Additionally, since the form provides Hasbrook & Hasbrook with contact information of people who might be interested in paying for their services, this can help them generate more leads with their future marketing efforts.

Offering free consultations or tools can really help to build a sense of trust with your prospective clients, and can also help you to filter out people who don’t actually need your services.

If someone has a positive experience with something you’re offering for free, they’ll be far more likely to come back to you when they’re ready to pay for your services. So, while it might not feel like you’re gaining anything to begin with, it can actually be a very effective lead generation tool.

Venngage allows customers to try before they buy

Similarly, Venngage provides infographic templates for business owners and marketers. Some of these are free, while more premium designs must be paid for.

This allows Venngage to show customers what the company is capable of so, when someone is ready to invest money into their infographic creation process, they’ll come straight to the company for help.

Everyone loves free stuff, so hooking people with free templates, tools, or trials can be a very fruitful tactic. Of course, every business is different, but most will be able to find a way to offer free products or services that will attract their ideal audience.

Could you provide prospective customers with free testers of your products, a free trial of your software, or a free eBook that shows you’re an expert in your field? Think about what makes sense for you and your customers, then run with it! 


Getting your service pages right is one of the most important parts of running your business online, but the good news is there’s not a singular “right way” to do this. 

You can offer free services or consultations, put a face to your services and humanize your company, or create a sense of FOMO and have your potential customers wanting in on the action.

And, if you need any further help with optimizing your website to make more sales, make sure you also check out Cazbah’s guide to 5 inbound marketing website design tips for small businesses, which will help you make the most of other areas of your site. 

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