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When I began working for Cazbah, people would often ask the same questions.

Who are they? 
What do they do? 
Where are they located?

Years ago, that was an easy question to answer. Who is Cazbah? Cazbah is an internet marketing company, providing small businesses with the online presence they need to succeed and compete online. That was just the short answer, though.

The first time I ever heard about Cazbah Total Internet Marketing Solutions, I was sitting in the same seat most of you are. That’s right! I was a prospect and looking at Cazbah from your exact point of view. I personally managed and did all the marketing for a handful of small, local businesses. The only difference between you and me is the fact I had several years of marketing under my belt, so to speak. This gave me the perfect advantage, for I knew the right questions to ask. So the same question again. Who is Cazbah?    

  • A web hosting company who provided a dedicated IMC (Internet Marketing Specialist) to work with, in order to gain visibility and grow your business online. This required you to sign a one year contract, and Cazbah would move your website onto their web server.   

That’s it? That’s all Cazbah had to offer? Of course not! However, that is exactly the way most small to medium size business owners labeled Cazbah. You have to know there is much more to it than just web hosting and marketing. After all, I left a stable career to join the Cazbah Team. I certainly would not have done that if it would limit my expertise in any way. Let’s move on to a few details I obtained from Charles (Chaz) Broersma, Founder / CEO at Cazbah, when he came to “sell a marketing solution” to me.  

Internet Marketing Program

  • A web hosting company who provides a dedicated IMC to work with
  • Custom Online Marketing Strategy reviewed with the dedicated IMC to help increase visibility, traffic, revenue, etc.
    • Content Development Strategy including, but not limited to, static web pages, category pages, product pages, images, videos, call-out promotions on the homepage, custom ad landing pages, etc.
    • Visibility included Keyword Research, submissions to online directories, submit sitemaps to search engines, online press release assistance, Social Media guidance, Google Merchant upload, etc.
    • One email marketing campaign sent out to your existing customer base once a month. I simply provided the content and any images. Cazbah did the rest:  
      • Design
      • Set up, test sent for approval where a round of changes was permitted to ensure content, links, and images were indeed correct  
      • Campaign sent, measured and details provided at the next meeting to ensure everything continued moving in the right direction
    • PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising and Management  
    • All marketing strategies and activities were then measured and reviewed during standard monthly meetings. Various tools were being used to measure things at first, but then came along Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools. These tools were utilized to help educate business owners on the way their customers search, their behavioral patterns online, etc.

The one thing Cazbah failed to mention is the way they monitor and track client competitors. IMC’s tend to keep a very close eye on what is happening in the online world right down to marketing tactics being used by their clients’ competitors.

The reason why Cazbah’s strategic internet marketing plan was so appealing to me personally, as a marketing consultant, was the fact it provided small to medium size businesses with a way to compete with online competitors. It sounded too good to be true. That’s when I went out and did my part and researched each service offering on their list. The moment I gathered all the pricing data, it became very clear. Cazbah finally figured it out! They put together the perfect marketing mix to help small businesses grow and compete online at an affordable, annual rate.

Ten years later, I am still with Cazbah. Things look much different today than they did back then. I’ve watched Cazbah change, evolve and continue adding more and more services to the marketing mix (also known as marketing programs). Not only does Cazbah continue to offer all the items listed above, but there are various levels that allow businesses to choose the marketing package that works best for them. While I am not often asked who Cazbah is anymore, I am asked what Cazbah has to offer today. Considering how much things have changed, not only in marketing, but in the services we offer across the board, this is indeed a valid question.

Whether you are an existing client, one who has left, or someone who is on the fence about choosing Cazbah, here are a few details that will help you better understand what Cazbah has to offer you and your business today.

Multi-Level Marketing Programs

  • New Site & Design
  • Hosting
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Easy Editing
  • Help Desk Support




  • Intermediate Included +
  • Dedicated Internet Marketing Consultant
  • Website Analytics
  • Monthly Site Reviews

   (one year commitment)

  • Advanced Plan +
  • Allows you to build and market your new website without any start-up fees


(two year commitment)



Additional Marketing Services

If you like where your website is currently being hosted and or marketed, but feel you are missing out on a few specific areas. Cazbah has service offerings to meet your needs as well. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Please take a minute to review our Marketing Programs and pricing details. Whether you are a client or a marketing consultant, we would love to hear your thoughts on the services we have to offer. Use our website to Contact Us or request to become a member of our group on LinkedIn, Small Business Internet Marketing Tips: More Leads. More Sales.

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