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Cazbah Internet Marketing Consultants (IMCs) are dedicated to working through their customers’ challenges in SEO, SEM, Analytics, content development and a host of other small business issues.

Below, you will find an archive of weekly articles that they’ve written about these challenges. We hope you enjoy reading them and learn a thing or two about Cazbah, the Internet and the issues that we overcome for our customers every day.

Is AdWords Express Right for You?

Recently, I had a new client come on board that told me they had been investing some resources into Google AdWords. My initial positive response to their efforts were soon quelled when I discovered they had over a 95% bounce rate for those ads with zero conversions...

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Google MyBusiness and Maps Changes

As we know, the Google landscape is always changing. A particular frustration that I’ve written here previously is that the ways in which one can and should deal with any Google Maps or MyBusiness issue has changed consistently for years now. Dealing with duplicate...

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Marketing is for the dogs

I have a dog named Wilbur. He is a very cool dog. Small, but not too small, and a tad on the co-dependent side. I find it can be hard to get alone time when he’s not smothering me and in need of affection. There are times when I’m working on the computer and can hear...

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Fun with Voice Search Trends

Have you used voice search lately? Chances are, you or someone you know have become an adopter of some kind of voice search. From the Google App, to a number of digital personal assistants, voice search is increasing in popularity (last statistics I heard were as much...

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